gas ignition prepair kit for bbq, electronic ignition kit, ignition kits for bbq

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Spark Generator
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Piezoigniter replacement kits for bbq grills


It inculdes

1.1 Igniter Electrode with Black Wire and Fiberglass Sheath

2.1 Ground Lug

3.1 white Wire

4.1 Side Burner Electrode Assembly with White Wire

5.1 Push Button Spark generator

6.1 Hex Nut

7.1 Screw

8.1 Igniter Bracket

9.1 Rubber Spacer




Please read all instructions prior to instruction and use (see caution and warning above)

1. Remove the grid(s), radiant (rocks, briquttes, heat plate, etc) rock grate and burner from the grill, following the instrcutions from the original grill manufacturer.

2. Remove the old Igniter Electrode, Electrode clip or collector box clip, push-button spark generator and wiring attached to them.

3. Insert the igniter Electrode (1) into the centre holeat the bottom of the Igniter Bracket (8) and securely fasten with screw.(7)(Fig. A)

4. Slide the snap-on Igniter Bracket(8) across the middle of your "H" or "Bar" all the way until nothes in the bracket rest along the lip of burner. Ensure that the attached wire is facing downward the bottom of the grill casting.(Fig. B)

5.Re-install burner in grill following original grill manufacture's instructions.


Note: When re installing the burner, it is very important that the venturi's from the burner line up with valve orifices. venturi's should be 1/4'' over the valves.(Fig. C)


6.For Grill Without Side Burner

Attach the ground lug(2) to the metal casting or flame of the grill in order to properly ground the igniter.

Under the casting, locate the nearest nut/bolt to your igniter. Unscrew the nut/nut and place ground lug tab(2) and leave the other end of white wire hanging for now.


7. For grill With side burner

(Note: Not all side burner electrode are removable)

you have the option of keeping your original side burner wire you removed from the original igniter to side terminal of the new push-button spark generator (see Step 9).

If your side burner electrode is removable and you wish to replace it, follow this steps:

Remove side burner grate

Remove the old electrode, keeping the hareware to attach the new electrode.( The supplied screw(7) may be used if nessary).

Replace with side burner electrode(4) and sucure in place. Leave the white wire attached to the side burner electrodehanging down under the side shelf for now(Fig. E) Bend (and /or clip, if necessary) the electrode  tip so that the end is 1/8'' to 3/16'' away from the side burner's gas holes. Adjust the distance using the enclosed small rubber tube spacer(9) as a gauge (Fig. E).

8.insert the new push-botton spark (part 5) through the igniter hole on the control panel of the grill. Tighten in place by threading the hex nut (part 6) onto the spark generator from behind the control panel.(Fig. F)

Note: The flat side of the hex nut faces the back of the control panel.(Fig.G)

9. Connect the hanging black wire from the electrode assembly(part 1) to the main terminal of new push-buttom spark generator (part 5). Connect the hanging white wire from the ground lug(part 2) OR from the side burner electrode (part 4) to the side terminal of the spark generator.(Fig. H)

please refer to Fig.I for an illustration of the completed installation.




look at the end of the electrode tip and press the igniter button (you may need to press the button a couple a couple times.A spark should be visible inside the igniter bracket (part 8), and on the side burner if applicable.

if you do not see a spark, check all eletrical connections and ensure that all the wires are connected. Also make sure the spark gap is 1/8'' to 3/16'' for the side burner connection. Try previous step again. Do not attempt to light the grill until you are getting a spark.


10. Re-install the grill, radiant(rocks, briquttes, heat plate, etc)

rock grate and burner from the grill, following the instructions from the original grill manufacturer.